Monthly Archives: October 2012

So this last month has been a lot of travelling, I've personally covered nearly 20,000 miles in a month and now I have a break for almost a month while I do other stuff. Never fear during this time there will be stories and podcasts appearing throughout, got a whole bank to get out to you and we do the iTunes launch about November 10th which will be a lot of fun as we ramp up. The podcasts are now approaching 13,000 downloads as an experiment before we even started to consider getting to iTunes syndicated RSS feeds. We had to get the content and tone right and make sure you wanted them in this format and the resounding reply from the community and readers is that it's time to go mainstream.

This week we were in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. As always a chance to talk to a lot of European technology folk specifically about CloudForms and Open Hybrid Cloud. Chris Wells was over from the US. You've seen Chris before on the blog - he's "Mr Magic Hands" on the CloudForms video thats been downloaded / watched by over 900 people from this portal alone. He gave a talk during the week to a breakout group talking about Open Hybrid Cloud. It's a talk I give a lot on my travels but as he wrote the deck and I simply do my impression of this guy from Ohio to the best of my abilities I thought it would be good to hear it done properly. By someone who has more fashion taste than I do and doesn't just bludgeon you to death with slides and interesting Cloud ephemera.

Recorded during a lunch session (apologies for clinking plates / glasses in the recording) I've also had to try and mix / amplify / blend in questions from the room as best I can.

So if you're interested in Cloud and Open Hybrid Cloud this one is definitely worth a download. There is a slidedeck that you'll need to download in Acrobat PDF format alongside the audio and you can grab that here or the recording will make no sense.

Download the podcast here in MP3 and OGG formats

Since getting back from Barcelona briefly, I've been knocked for six by a cold / throat infection. Has meant recording podcast intros and some other bits has had to wait. I also have not felt like sitting over a tex editor writing articles while in the throes of the dreaded lurghi.

I fly straight back out tomorrow to Amsterdam to GigaOM Structure. Will be recording if I have a voice.

Sore feet, living out of a suitcase must mean another week on the road for Red Hat. I love my job, I get to travel globally and importantly I get to speak to customers and partners and evangelise. It's a passion. So coming to Barcelona for VMWorld I imagined would be so diametrically different to what I've found on the ground.

Taking nothing away from the logistical and organisational teams here VMWorld has confused the hell out of me. I thought it would be like walking into the lions den, far from it. I am used to large productive shows that focus around communicating to end users and community, that take engineering talent and actual coders and massage the whole foodchain and lifecycle of IT process.

This isn't that. It feels like Windows 2000 show at Olympia without the soggy food and the bad weather.

Nowhere near what I thought it was going to be from a attendee experience perspective although the food is great.

Come see us at stand E507, we're a magnet for the smart savvy attendees, you'll see them walking around Barcelona in their multitudes wearing red fedoras. I like to think of us as the single ray of sunshine in the room. Solving real world problems with real world technology not just an alternative.

I recorded this article as a longer podcast - about 6/7 minutes, this isn't a usual podcast and it won't fit into the catalogue it was just me in a hotel room in Barcelona with a microphone pre day three on the ground.

Feel free to download and listen.

I'm about to leave Bath to drive to Bristol Airport to fly to Barcelona for four days stint on the booth Red Hat have at VMWorld Europe in Barcelona.

Come say hi, we're on Stand E507 and I am podcasting throughout the show and have a couple of travelling rigs with me to get as much recorded and mixed for release as I can.

Promises to be a good week and I have, as always a decent set of footwear so that I don't end up in agony at the end of each day. Am over with messrs Oxenham, Stevens, Dubuque and Oxdal amongst others so it will be four or five days of hard work but also enlightening.

Keep watching for blog updates and some podcasts as I get time to record and mix them.