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I am a panellist alongside Max Cooter from CloudPro, Stephen Spector, David Tait and Tom Callaghan from Dell, Duncan Johnston-Watt from Cloudsoft, Tony Lucas founder of my good friends at Flexiant and other leading bods from industry at Dells Cloud Think Tank at Londons Skyloft on Millbank today.

You can see it webcast live (all on the record folks) by clicking here later this morning from 10am GMT.

Watch out for tweets during the day #FutureCloud.

Updates and maybe a few podcasts (got a mic with me) to follow.

Thanks to Adrian Bridgwater for a really good article this morning on CloudPro. Adrian is a really influential journalist whose wordsmith graces Dr Dobbs, Computer Weekly and CloudPro (amongst others).

You can read the article here. After a morning of failed SSD drives in my laptop I am sat (struggling) to post this on an iPad in a children's soft play centre (joys of parenthood) surrounded by screaming toddlers. Back to work on Monday !!

Enjoy the article it kinda makes me feel that my direction and focus is on the money at least.

Read the original article here

So I'm still on vacation until Monday next week but I had some spare time so I thought I'd record a new podcast with just me talking, no guests, no slidedecks but I am going to talk about a report from IDC and the Linux Foundation which you can read here (registration required but its childsplay). I applaud the work thats been done on the report but I question a lot of the quality of it's findings and demographic research. Not remotely questioning the passion and drive to get the paper out, just a lot of the surrounding stuff thats so easily fixable next time. Not out to bash analysts - not remotely. Hear why on the podcast.

To read Amanda McPherson's take on it and to balance my feelings read her article here.

Also some cool announcements of why this is the LAST podcast that will be released for download statically from CloudEvangelist. To hear why and what changes are coming you have to listen.

Events: I am speaking at a Dell Cloud event in London next week, and the following week at a Red Hat / IBM event in Zurich, Switzerland. I also will be out in Finland during late November early December, more updates when I have my diary locked down next week. I will be recording podcasts on the road so make sure you listen to todays to find out how to get the recordings from now on !

Remember these podcasts are the work of the author and all views and opinions are my own and not Red Hat's !

Download the podcast here in MP3 and OGG formats

Folks we have a real treat for you today, a podcast from Bill Bauman. The guy is about as good as it gets when you want to talk about virtualisation. A righteous dude and a very good friend. Apologies for the photo above, Bill is on my right, whilst I look like someone pumped me up. I'm offering the excuse of jetlag, good Scotch and bad camera angle.

Recorded in Barcelona on IBM's stand talking about RHEV and IBM Flex systems if you've an interest in virtualisation topology, io architecture planning and the future of proper virtual platform computing you need to listen to this.

You'll also need the slidedeck to accompany the podcast which you can grab here in PDF format.

Download the podcast here in MP3 and OGG formats