Monthly Archives: December 2012

You will be pleased to hear that finally iTunes and Stitcher are carrying the CloudEvangelist podcasts to make it as easy as a simple click to subscribe to my content.

Stitcher features clients for a multitude of platforms so we are truly portable whatever your listening tool of choice is. I love Stitcher and have been using it on Android phones and iPod/iPad since it's launch, we're really pleased and proud they've asked us to feature there.

Juan Noceda who is the Senior Product Manager for OpenShift at Red Hat is in London this week with Ashesh Badani General Manger of Red Hat's Cloud BU. They are on what can be politely described as a whistlestop tour of customers analysts and thoughtleaders talking Open Hybrid Cloud and OpenShift Enterprise.

So whilst they were in territory it gave me the chance to get Juan in front of one of my microphones and record a podcast.

This is what fell out of that session, well worth a listen. If you're also still looking for CloudEvangelist on iTunes we're still waiting for Apple to list it. Soon as we have an update we'll get it out to you. If you want to subscribe to the RSS feed or from a podcast client or engine of your choice go click the Podcast button in the top menu above.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only

For months now we've been planning on getting our act together and getting on iTunes. We ummed and ahh'd about it, would anyone other than the 30,000+ downloads we've had from 8300+ people who've downloaded directly bother to do it if it hit iTunes ? Would anyone want to listen. Well apparently the answer is yes so as of tonight I've been submitted to iTunes and am awaiting a nice email back telling me whether they'll accept it. As loyal readers (and listeners) I'm making the first one available here and it is also available from the RSS feed (

So today's download features James Labocki talking about Open Hybrid Cloud, Cloudforms and the upcoming tech optimisation webcast on the 5th December where he is one of the erstwhile presenters. Recorded remotely from Bath in the UK to the coastline of Florida over the interweb the quality is good. The music is good (thanks to Jon Amor, good pal and erstwhile muso god from Devizes whose new album is out right now !!!) for the entry and exit music is from his single "The Rules" which he has graciously allowed us to use for the podcast ! While you're listening head down to James Labocki's website - and read some of the stories on there, bookmark it while you're there.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only

At 4pm UK time (5pm CET, 11am ET) this Wednesday 5th December, our teams at Red Hat will be presenting a Cross-Platform technology update, entitled Optimising IT in a virtual event that I recommend you think about attending.

Registration is now open for the event. Paul Cormier will open the session followed by a live Q&A and you can even submit questions live in the webcast session to be added to the list for inclusion post-event. To find out more - and importantly to register please follow this link