I have some more articles coming out on Opensource.com in the next few weeks centred on security in the wake of the Bash fallout from last week. I'm also going to be helping run our OpenShift workshops at Pycon in Dublin next week then flying to Dusseldorf for LinuxCon EU / CloudOpen and the oVirt workshops. I'm on the Open Source panel with old pals Jono Bacon and Leslie Hawthorn moderated by Guy Martin of Samsung who has of course appeared on my radio show in the past.

I'll be recording videocasts and some audio at both events whilst there. Keep a watch on my Twitter feed for forthcoming bits and pieces.

Alessandro Pirelli who heads up the Open Hybrid Cloud team here at Red Hat gave an impassioned presentation on his take on what the industry needs to understand to succeed and how Red Hat wants to help you get there.

If you have time make sure you sit through this video, it might be the smartest thing you do all week.


I arrived into San Francisco on Saturday late PM, and today (Sunday) was all about setup of my gear to record, setting up my location at Moscone South for the interviews and recordings that we have planned for this week. Also got to spend time with the UK JBoss crew who I flew out with and to loan them audio gear to rescue them for their upcoming videos this week. So planning ahead and bringing spare kit paid off for once - even if it was someone elses benefit other than my own.

The stage is set for a much larger Summit for the 10th anniversary of Red Hat Summits. As of yesterday we were close to 4300 registrants for this years show, it's not too late to register for the discounted full summit rate. To come as my guest simply enter the discount code EMEACG at www.redhat.com/summit and you are good to go.

I start recording tomorrow (Monday), finishing final audio setup and tests tonight and looking forward to it being a busy week of great content. To hear last years archived shows and in preparation for this years simply bookmark the following URL to your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Look forward to creating you some great content this week !!



I was at the Gluster London Community event in London yesterday and listened to speakers there talk about Gluster and demystifying what it is and also how it has made an impact in the storage world.

One of the speakers there was Udo Seidel from Amadeus in Munich who is well known in Open Source circles and a great guy to talk tech to. We meant to record this in Edinburgh as he was also at Linuxcon but time ran out. So we reconvened and yesterday we put this ten minute podcast together for you.

Come back next week for some more great content. Remember you can subscribe to the show via iTunes on your iOS or MacOS device of choice or any platform via the RSS or my syndicated feeds.

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