Live from RSA Conference 2016

This week I am in San Francisco recording a special radio show for TheStack.com and Red Hat called "Locked Down" I will be talking to the brightest and the best at RSA, expect to see a variety of shows going live over the week, discussing everything about the growing technologies, emerging products and the challenges that we are facing in security.

How do I get the show ?

If you have an iOS device simply subscribe via the Apple Podcast client on iOS available from the Apple store (or via Overcast or your podcast client of choice), simply search for "Locked Down" once installed. Stitcher Internet Radio App also is carrying the show.  SoundCloud is also carrying the stream.

If you have an Android device install Player.FM or BeyondPod and again search on "Locked Down" and subscribe. Stitcher Internet Radio App just like Player.FM and BeyondPod carries the show - all installable from the Google Play store. You can also listen in via SoundCloud.

If you are in a browser you can listen to all the shows as they appear using Player.FM directly by bookmarking and clicking http://bit.ly/1KWVVaB directly via your desktop, or via Stitcher http://stitcher.com/s?fid=84147&refid=stpr in Safari, Firefox or on any Mac or Windows browser. Stitcher doesn't always play well with Chrome, if you're a Chrome browser user click the Player FM link.

You can listen to episode 1 here in this post or visit SoundCloud's stream 

Sadly I have to announce that my hetero life mate John-Mark Walker has left Red Hat for pastures new. This pains me because I've known for an age, probably longer than anyone else, that he was leaving and I've had to keep it a secret. It's weird because although he's left Red Hat he and I still carry on as per normal, we've been friends since the term Open Source was coined through the mists and time of companies no longer trading or long since committed to the history of Linux. We've seen it all. I'm three weeks and two days older, two inches taller and can't get away with wearing Salmon Pink jackets like my buddy John Mark.

We've presented radio shows together, trying not to cry with laughter, I've censored him more times than I care to think about, drunk too much beer, visited countries and broken bread with the man so many times. Will I miss him ? Nah. I'll still see him at events, I'll still talk with him almost daily and he's part of my life for the long haul.

I will miss him at Red Hat. Such a shame he was never harnessed properly.

Until then here is a short outtake of a video we shot over two years ago now at a hotel in London. We'd just sat and watched my football team get beaten at Wembley (from a bar in London) and we'd eaten food, drunk beer and then and only then rolled the camera.

Here's John-Mark and I on top form.


Coming later this week is a new radio show I am producing and co presenting. The show will be authored, presented and brought to life by a small group of the most technically gifted and capable folk that we have on the roll call here at Red Hat. John Mark Walker, Jon Benedict, Thomas Cameron, James Kirkland, Jon Masters, myself and a multitude of others will be talking about the latest and greatest stuff that we are working on, but also emerging tech.

The show will be broadcast on Apple iTunes, syndicated on Stitcher, Podfeed as well as on our RSS which I will publicise as soon as we go live.

Recorded entirely on Pulsecaster by Paul Frields of Red Hat's engineering team it's a major effort globally and represents a triumph of tech over adversity in so many ways !!

Check out the website at www.hombresinhats.com for information as it goes live and add the Twitter handle @hombresinhats to your bookmarks and feeds.

It's a big week in Atlanta. The OpenStack Developer Summit kicks off, I should be there but medical surgery to correct a prior surgery blip in 2012 sees me laid up in the UK for the next 5 days before being back on my feet.

Red Hat are there in force, if you're there take time to drop by to talk to our teams and see the demonstrations on everything from our Red Hat supported OpenStack offerings all the way through to RDO our community derived bleeding edge distro as well as our RHEV, oVirt and Storage offerings. The acquisition of Inktank is on everyone's radar last week and that is going to be top dead centre of many Ceph users so will generate footfall and questions.

Some great announcement in the Cloud software area and some further goodness will be announced over the coming days. The likes of John Mark Walker (you can't miss him he's wearing his traditional salmon pink sports jacket), Rhys Oxenham et al are in attendance. For once I get the first week off on leave since December to recover from surgery, be a dad and chill out instead of podcasting and booth duty.

Drop by the Red Hat stand at ODS if you are attending.