Captain KVM podcast coming soon

Next week I'm hopefully getting together online with CaptainKVM himself - Jon Benedict, ex Red Hat now at NetApp. Plan is, if we can get the technology right, to record a podcast which I think will be pretty cool to download and listen to.

Red Hat and NetApp work pretty closely together and Jon also contributes to oVirt which Red Hat is deeply committed to and very supportive of with the likes of Carl Trieloff and Chris Wright contributing so much goodness to the cause.

That brings me onto the topic of oVirt. I suddenly realised I've been writing this blog since May and a subtle search of the site demonstrated I hadn't mentioned oVirt once. Shame on me, I have an oVirt sticker on my iPad case, on my Thinkpad, have it installed here and have never thought to write an article on it. I repent, I have seen the error of my ways and I promise to get something up either later today (work permitting) or early next week.

For now direct your browsers at oVirt's website and here's a great guide to getting up and running with version 3.1 from our very own Jason Brooks blog