Gordon sets the Cloud stall out

I was about to write an article after an afternoon of hellish travel stuck on stationary trains in the back end of beyond. However the article I was about to start writing Gordon Haff my opposite number in North America just wrote one and it's a doozie. I feel somewhat in his shadow today, I re-posted the wording he released for the OpenStack Preview launch as it did the job perfectly so this is twice in one day I'm pasting his web goodness. Mr Haff I apologise but given you are the master and I am the apprentice I think you can cut me some slack today.

Here's an excerpt from the article, click the link below to go to the full article on his blog (which you should also bookmark or follow the link in my links section).

"As part of Red Hat's announcement of an OpenStack technology preview today, I wrote a blog that provides some additional background. Here, I'm going to delve a bit more deeply into one of the topics that I cover in that blog--namely, how do the different pieces of Red Hat's open hybrid cloud portfolio fit together? I'll be referring to the below diagram throughout this discussion."

Follow the link to his article here