Podcast – CaptainKVM himself – Jon Benedict

I recorded a podcast last week with the ultracool talent that is Mr Jon Benedict, CaptainKVM himself.

This was another of my practical theory tests on how to record a podcast with someone on the other side of The Atlantic. The problem of course being not making it sound like a Skype call (which it isn't) and trying also to master it to make sure they sound as local as possible so I can then release it for you guys to listen to.

Jon works for NetApp. NetApp work very closely with Red Hat around KVM and around RHEV, their cool project Flexclone really is something else, read Carlos Alverez's cool paper here for more info.

As well as being NetApps guy in North Carolina on everything virtualisation, Jon also is a board director of oVirt which Red Hat commits so much to. He's also an ex Red Hatter.

In the podcast we talk tech about FlexClone, about oVirt, RHEV and the community and board of oVirt and how much goodness it brings to the whole virtualisation arena.

If you're interested in virtualisation management, provisioning, live staging and all the niceties that you take for granted then this is the podcast for you.

Thanks to Jon for being another guinea pig in the whole Podcast experiment - so far so good, approaching 5250 downloads as I type this story so thats got to be a positive before I even set up an RSS feed or launch on iTunes.

  Download this podcast here in MP3 format or OGG format