Podcast – James Strachan – Mr Apache Camel

James Strachan

I was fortunate enough a couple of weeks ago to be at the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Summit in London and for my colleague Barbara May to have walked to my microphone rig the erstwhile guru, the legend, Mr Apache Camel himself James Strachan. James is a legend. Co-founder of Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Apache Service Mix and contributor to so many projects I'm not going to mention them here but I do namecheck them in the podcast.

James, one of the founders of FuseSource joined Red Hat along with Rob Davies, Jon Anstey, Ulhas Bhole, Tim Bish and Dejan Bosanac when we acquired them last year. Hugely capable bunch of guys adding strength in depth to the Red Hat story.

Rob Davies and his amazing crew have created and driven FuseESB and the success stories they've won in the technology arena should be legendary. David and Goliath - they are the living embodiment of the analogy itself, taking on large industry players and winning left right and centre on major global accounts - all now reliant on FuseSource. I can't emphasise enough just what a coup these wins were and won on technology excellence and attention to detail. Proof that Open Source can, and more than often does, triumph over the behemoth of legacy platforms and infrastructure core technologies.

FuseSource, genuinely, are a force to be reckoned with, amazing technology and amazing goodness building on the backbone of Apache Karaf, Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache CXF, tied together with the magic fairy dust that is FuseFabric. It is hugely pertinent to Hybrid Open Cloud for Red Hat hence the acquisition and the strength it brings to our JBoss capability is also huge. Hence the importance of you listening to this podcast.

I'm going to also feature a longer interview with Rob Davies in the coming weeks as well as some tech deep dives and videos on FuseESB.

Listen to James and I talk Fuse goodness in this latest episode. We had a lot of fun and James has an enthusiastic love of everything messaging which I share having spent the large proportion of my last six years doing nothing but mega large scale messaging infrastructures for Virgin and latterly at Zimbra. I am hoping to justify going out to the devconf this weekend in Brno where the Fuse guys are also attending so hope to hang out with microphone for more content and cheap beer.

Remember you can download directly from the link below or alternatively iTunes, Stitcher, Podfeed and many other sites syndicate the feed. Enjoy the podcast, comments welcome come back later in the week for podcasts with Robyn Bergeron from Fedora and Ross Lawley from 10gen talking NoSQL and MongoDB. Nearly 70,000 downloads of the podcasts to date and growing fast so we're obviously doing something right.

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