Podcast: Tim Marston talks MongoDB / NoSQL

So once more an irritatingly early morning drive the 100+ miles to our office in Farnborough in the UK to record some podcasts. Weighed down by studio gear to get the mix I wanted the result is a series of three podcasts I'll be releasing. The first of these is here for you to grab today with Tim Marston.

Tim is a former Red Hatter, a very good friend and someone who is passionate about Cloud and Open Source. He's a director at 10gen the parent company behind MongoDB. I am giving a talk at their open evening on 30th August near Reading which I will blog about later.

In return for me talking at MongoDB Users he volunteered to be subjected to sitting across a desk with me to record this podcast about everything 10gen, OpenShift, NoSQL etc.

  Download the podcast in MP3 format or OGG format