RHEV wins TechWorld Award

Last night I attended the TechWorld 2012 Awards in Mayfair, London. TechWorld, part of the IDG empire and the evening was hosted by Mike Simons himself an industry heavyweight. Well attended by the top suppliers and players in the UK IT industry toasted the successes and hard won efforts of companies pushing solutions to industry problems. TechWorld differs from usual award shows, it's about realworld solutions that have revenue behind them, awarding the vendors who really put the efforts into conceptualising and solving the major issues customers face.

I'm pleased to be able to tell you that Red Hat won Virtualisation Product of the Year with RHEV 3.x for 2012. This is a major win and I was both pleased and proud to accept the award on behalf of the hard working crew led by Andy Cathrow in the US and in all our overseas engineering teams and our solutions architects.

(apologies for quality of pic - TechWorld official press pic not currently available)

It was nice to be able to stand in front of my peers in the IT world and to have RHEV recognised for the real world problems it solves, the emphasis on platform engineering and market penetration.

Growing awareness of products is always a hard won deal and we're making inroads and this is a great help.

Thanks go out to Mike Simons, his erstwhile TechWorld crew and their organisational efforts leading up to and culminating in last nights award ceremony.