A detour from Cloud

Taking a detour from Cloud to get an important community message out there.

There are times when having an @redhat.com email address helps my day go that little bit quicker. I've always taken huge pride from being involved in Linux and with Red Hat especially.

Today re-affirms why Red Hat is the number one technology company you would ever want to work at and why it's staffed by great people, managed by thought leaders, steered by the best directors and has a community and groundswell that is unmatched - anywhere.

To those that took time out to record this - kudos, to those that put the funding in place to make it happen and steer this to fruition I applaud you.

Now all thats required is for as many of you as possible to watch this from end to end and if you feel that you can - share it. Thats what Creative Commons is all about. Every time Red Hat does something to make me wearing my red fedora with pride I take stock, this time I just feel humbled.