The Man Mountain

One of our friends, one of our team, one wearing a red hat with pride is in the battle of his life and faced yet another huge skirmish today. I've mentioned before we have someone in our midst who is desperately ill with a disease that this week has claimed two famous souls and therefore is on so many radars in the most raw fashion. Except this time for us it's personal. Someone who matters to all of us at Red Hat who has given everything he has for the cause needs some prayers and has our admiration, respect and unconditional affection.

Tonight I would welcome you direct you point any prayers towards the Northern Lights for a man mountain whose bravery is without peer in my lifetime. Someone who means so much to many people on my friends list and who is not just a peer but so much more than I can ever be as a human. A father, one of my best friends, an Open Source apostle, a traveller - a journeyman who has helped carve the Red Hat story for over a decade. 

As the light faded this evening a group of us who wear the scarlet fedora sent a request, no a demand, a fervent commanding dictat to whichever idol we individually worship for the heedful and gentle loving care of one of our own.

This will be a long night, a long weekend. This hasn't been a battle, it's been a fucking onslaught, it's not been a scrimmage, it's been a campaign and now the guns fall silent and we hope for a quiet uneventful and peaceful armistice that creates a silent place where things start making sense.

Five years ago this week he and I, two mad Englishmen drove in thick driving snow from Westford, Massachusetts  to JC Penny cross the state border in Nashua New Hampshire to look at new iPads and pick up a MacBook for his wife because thats what you do, risk your life to play with tech toys. The snowdrifts were the size of trucks, we were in a front wheel drive rented sedan not a 4x4 or SUV and we needed our heads looking at. Later that evening we would drive up into the hills without a GPS without a clue where we were going for a team meeting, Laughing and probably farting nervously everytime the car skidded out. BOTH of our wives were pregnant at home in the UK and Sweden and with hindsight it was probably dumb but we survived.

Every minute I've ever spent with him has been a joy, every conversation, every piece of guidance and every laugh delivered in his own inimitable style. Breakfasting with him, whiteboarding stuff we would go on to try and invent with no resources, watching him train and shape the first steps of new starters at Red Hat saw him in his true light. Getting the best out of everyone around him.

So tonight dear friend, my companion in all things utterly politally incorrect, wrap yourself in all our love, every single drop of it is sent to cosset you as you roll up your sleeves and Queensberry Rules climb into the boxing ring for another pugilistic round with the demon that is this horrid disease.

This is for you because you would laugh, like a drain. Also he's your double !

We adore you. Ding Ding, seconds out, round 10 ....