CloudForms takes to the skies

I've talked about it on here for the last few weeks and finally launch time arrives !
CloudForms is now announced as available as part of our Cloud portfolio. I will be talking more about this tomorrow and Friday.

Automation and efficiency for Cloud but for hybrid heterogeneous architectures, solving enterprise complexities - using your choice of virtualisation technologies and providers. It's what Cloud's been waiting for.

More information here - and if you register you can watch the webcast from today's earlier launch, or download the slidedeck from this site. I wholeheartedly recommend you watch the webcast as Bryan talks direct to end users on the power of CloudForms and the benefit to end users and developers who don't need or want to know about underlying governance but to go to work more efficiently,  provisioning clouds faster and with more ability to harness the best of what you already have.

As I am on leave and not supposed to be working I'm in the meantime going to point you at Gordon Haff's great article he posted this afternoon which talks even more about why this launch is a line in the sand for Cloud - read more on his blog here and if you look in my links section you'll see that I link to it and it's worth bookmarking and following his RSS feeds. He has some cracking articles and has a deep insight into Cloud within Red Hat and North American regions compared to my EMEA approach.