Well done Open.CH crew !!

I had a great time in Switzerland meeting folk and giving a keynote at the Open.CH event in Bern. I've also noticed that Switzerland has jumped up to number 1 in page reads on this blog in the last three days outshadowing North American readers.

Seriously impressed with the smooth running but being Switzerland a country I have spent so much time in over my lifetime why am I surprised ? It's always nice to come back to the place I think of as my second home. A big player now in the Open world of technology advancement especially in the Swiss Government and home to some of the nicest people in the Linux world who I've worked with for what seems a lifetime but is still more than a decade.

I am probably going to be involved in a gig there in the Autumn and if you'll have me back next year then please promise me you'll all bring hunting rifles to hunt down the maniacs who drove round the square outside the railway station for four hours until 2am hooting their horns after the Spain - Croatia game. I got about two hours sleep and still managed to entertain and educate.

I saw a lot of unsure faces when I turned the microphone on but having watched the previous speakers delivering content I at least got a number of laughs and a lot of smiles out of a very educated and prodigious audience of my peers. I think it needed to be a little more light hearted and reach an audience sitting listening to slidedecks all day that are content and technology rich but don't often help you stay awake. My job is to keep you hanging on what I'm going to say next and have you feel we achieved something in the room. The fact that I have a load of new Swiss Twitter followers overnight shows you read the deck too which is always good news.

Thanks for having me and a special thanks to Matthias for his allowing me to keep you all amused and bemused in equal order. And thanks for the gift/award of the custom made Victorinox Swiss Army Cyber Knife. Since I was a small boy with my face pressed against the glass at the Victorinox shop in Bern I always wanted to take one home but was never allowed. Now I got to take one home aged almost forty years of age. It's much appreciated and not remotely expected. Hats also off to Philipp and the team at Red Hat Switzerland for sponsoring the event.