Copenhagen March 13-15 – come say hi

I am speaking at the Datacenter 2013 Conference in Copenhagen on Thursday. I am also going to be recording some podcasts in town on Friday (dependent on interviewee availability). If I can't get any one on mic I may even do some video for the portal talking Cloud, I carry a hi-def video camera and its the only media I've not yet posted here. Stranger stuff has happened people. Hopefully you will be spared that agony of me talking to camera and we'll find someone I can tie to a chair to talk Cloud instead.

More info on the conference here, don't ask me what I'm talking about I've not even started to think about it yet, got some slides but it's always fun to see whether I stick to them or go totally off at a tangent. Depends on the room and how bored people look by the previous presenter of death by slides. Could go one of two ways either way it should be fun. One things for sure it will be educational and informative and people leave the room smiling.