Three Key Cloud Questions for ISV’s

Mike Ferris my colleague at Red Hat in the US posted an article a few weeks back that I should have shared with you. Mike and I have worked extensively together, before I was the evangelist here in the Cloud Business Unit I worked alongside him identifying and building out Public Cloud providers using Red Hat Stack technologies in the US and across EMEA.

Mike "gets" the whole ecosystem of Cloud from a hard-won and well earnt position in the enterprise pantheon. For a decade within Red Hat he's seen us emerge from the initial steps around the release of RHEL as a subscription based service (and been a key player in that emergence), to understanding and rewriting the rule book around the value add piece. So his thoughts and relevance are current and with earnest foundation. He's someone you should listen to. Looking at the whole ISV model and the scalability of architecture Mike asks the three key questions that ISV's should take into consideration when contemplating that move to Cloud.

You can read the article online here at Mike's Cloud blog.