Head in the Clouds – Feet on the Floor

It's good to be back. I've had a three week vacation away from work with my new wife, and I came back to the office Monday refreshed having made sure I kept my inbox empty for when I got back knowing I'd have a busy week.

First up this week was a lot of article planning and podcast planning, this stuff takes time and effort and I have some seriously good talent lined up for Ep 21-25 of the podcasts. We are also going to replan how we do them and I am adding Rhys Oxenham who was so popular a few months ago to do a monthly (or maybe even more regularly) tech catch up. He's also going to be contributing some guest articles if he has a window to do it.

So first up this week was a trip to London blocking a couple of days including travel out of my week to attend Dell's FutureCloud Thinktank. I was slightly apprehensive at first when Stephen Spector from Dell contacted me to ask if I'd take part because of two reasons.

1) I am supplier agnostic from a hardware perspective my one belief being that at Red Hat we work our asses off to certify RHEL/RHEV/Gluster/JBoss on the best industry standard server and comms kit and Dell are right up there in the upper echelon. I can't be seen as favouring one vendor above another.

2) After reading the other attendees I didn't get why they wanted me there to take part, guys from Cloudstack/Citrix, Flexiant, London School of Economics, GigaOM, JANET etc. So lining up against them was a risk and a challenge that had me pondering. As it was it was a hard day with a lot of discussions aimed at solving a lot of real world cloud problems and Open Cloud got a lot better understanding at the backend of it.

Capturing every detail and note a team of artists who worked hard to encapsulate the ethos and direction of discussions.

On the plus side it was a high pressure very public very social media friendly event being televised live online and where I was able to sit down with the movers and shakers of technology in EMEA and people able to influence and shape thought within our business leaders.

Thanks to Dell for arranging it, yes it is hard work and you to turn up ready to be torn in two live on a live broadcast by your peers across industry.

Thanks to Steven Spector for organising and making this happen.