iTunes feed – coming soon

Today we're working hard to get the iTunes feed sorted and new hosting arranged to handle the feed and bandwidth. Amazon and local hosting wasn't sufficient to give us the data analysis I wanted to try and achieve. Given we've had nearly 11,500 downloads of what so far has been an "experiment" we're hoping for good things. It also forces me to practice and hone a dark art that I had no idea how to do as recently as eight weeks ago.

So how it will work is that two recent new podcasts will be the first to feature on iTunes and then I will upload the BACK CATALOGUE of thirteen episodes in no particular order to ensure we use them up. Sorry for those that will have heard them but it's to get this content to a wider audience who are not already aware of the meandering monotonous tone of a geek with a microphone out to change the world in baby steps.

So watch this space and as soon as I have a RSS feed to give you you'll see it here first.