Let the podcasting commence…


I just drove from our home in the West of the UK to one of our two UK offices here at Red Hat, humping two mixing desks and a bag full of various mic's and leads to set up a temporary recording presence in a boardroom here.

We should have a few podcasts up for you to listen to in the next few days, and I can also promise you some podcasts to be recorded next week with our new OpenShift Evangelist in Europe who will be in London next week when I get back from Switzerland. Also coming up two podcasts to be scheduled next week with my former boss at VA Linux and an important valued mentor Larry Augustin CEO of SugarCRM one of the stalwarts of Cloud. Larry helped coin the phrase Open Source and is one of the reasons I do what I do. Other podcasts in this series will feature Brian Proffit the seasoned technologist, author and journalist, Stephen J Vaughn Nicholls from ZDNet's Linux desk and a whole host of crew from Red Hat as we approach Summit in Boston.