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In the UK the entire country is almost three days into a four day celebration of the 60th anniversary of the ascent of Queen Elizabeth to the throne. We're on two days public holiday, a lot of the country celebrating with garden / street parties when weather allows and the whole nation seems to be having a barbecue / excuse to drink a lot of alcohol if you're that way inclined.

Rest assured I am not sitting on my laurels, I have been writing a three part article which we'll get online shortly in response to a report Gartner published last week that needs to be examined and discussed.

We've also got some CloudForms goodness, I'm recording two podcasts in the early part of this week while I am on a weeks vacation.


Yesterday I posted an article asking for assistance from readers to partake in some research I am starting for an authoritative deep dig into the thoughts and the steering concepts behind Cloud in Enterprise. This piece of work can't work without your inputs and your thoughts and will be a snapshot that is incredibly valuable.

If you can help or would like to give me twenty minutes of your time to fill out a form that I am currently drafting please can you contact me directly. My contact details are on the navigation tab above.