Podcast: Maddog & Englishman – part II

Greetings from a rather poorly appointed hotel room in Copenhagen in Denmark, I've just mixed the second part of the podcast with Jon Maddog Hall that we recorded in equally cold weather in Cambridge in the UK before Jon flew home to New Hampshire.

Thanks for all the emails and re-tweets. Guys if I can ask you to be my secret PR army even better, it's all appreciated. There is this common misconception that this is a Red Hat official podcast, it's not. It's recorded and produced by me on a budget smaller than most peoples Starbucks expenditure, promotion and growth of the awareness has been down to you guys 100%. I simply record what you want to hear - or do I ?

I had time with Tim Phillips the PR genius at Axicom in the UK last week whose guidance I sought. I am NOT a podcaster I am a systems architect / security bod / developer. I am learning as I go and taking on the big boys every week with their studio setups and marketing budgets. He suggested asking the listening public want they want to hear and I sailed past him some ideas we have for changing the format very soon to make it really interactive for listeners.

I welcome your input and your ideas, please contact me offline with them or comments, or drop me an email if you'd like to appear in a podcast and have something to say.

For now - here's Maddog. Go listen. He'd like that.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only