Podcast – Malcolm Herbert talks Cloud

I have a load of podcasts to get live over the next week, this is one I recorded (in the least friendly echo filled room in our offices in Farnborough) a few weeks ago with Malcolm Herbert of Red Hat EMEA talking Cloud infrastructure and consulting services. It's worth a listen and is available in both MP3 and OGG formats by right clicking on the links below to save locally - or listen online just by clicking them.

To read some recent Cloud articles Malcolm has featured in or written as leader articles please visit this link to a great article in The Guardian and this recent article in SearchCloudComputing.de (in German).
   Download the podcast in MP3 format or OGG format

One thought on “Podcast – Malcolm Herbert talks Cloud

  1. timjuk

    Great discussion on this podcast and a particularly pertinent point about cloud lock-in: after lock-in at the OS, VM hypervisor and application levels, why allow it at a cloud level? Discussions very easily focus on functionality and cost benefits of cloud - but considerations about openness need to be had at an early stage to avoid ending up in a potentially complex environment with high migration costs, when the software platform underpinning it no longer suits an organisation's requirements.

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