Podcast – Bernie Franckel

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast with Bernie Franckel. Bernie is one of the stars of the Red Hat EMEA cloud team. He is tasked with enabling the public cloud channel and works with a lot of the household name accounts that use lots of Red Hat technologies to provide infrastructure services - and now the raft of Cloud enabling solutions above and beyond the hypervisor. Red Hat is pretty unique in being able to offer the building blocks that I'm sure other technology organisations would love to be able to offer by design. It's one of our differentiators.

In the podcast we'll mention a link to our Public Cloud Provider programme and how customers interested in Public Cloud or Open hybrid cloud can find a partner using Red Hat's Cloud Providers in order to start moving those workloads.

You can find this link here on the Red Hat portal.

Without further ado, here's the podcast - available as per usual in MP3 and OGG formats.

   Download the podcast in MP3 or OGG format

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