Podcast: Rhys Oxenham talks RHEV

Last week I recorded and released a podcast with Jeremy Brown that got a lot of download traffic. Tonight I'm releasing a RHEV podcast I did with Rhys Oxenham earlier today. Rhys is a massively competent architecture and virtualisation guru at Red Hat. What he doesn't know about our virtualisation environment isn't worth knowing.

Take time to download and listen to it as it's one of the best I've recorded to date, a deep dive into the world of RHEV and during the article we reference downloadable resources and a RHEV evaluation programme.

Visit the Red Hat RHEV Server Virtualisation page for access to resources and register for the free sixty day evaluation, access to whitepapers and cookbooks or alternatively click the banner at the top of the page to take you right there.

DO listen to this podcast - it's hugely informative and a chance to listen to one of Red Hat's brightest talents talk about his passion.

  Download the revised podcast in MP3 format or OGG format