Goodbye Seth

Yesterday I was just getting into bed when I saw Thomas Cameron post on Facebook that Seth Vidal our colleague at Red Hat and on the Fedora Project that worked tirelessly on Yum and on architecture issues across RHEL, Fedora and RHEL sourced distributions, had been tragically killed whilst riding his bike in Raleigh by a hit and run driver.

Words cannot express the shock and sense of loss at his passing. He was four years younger than me, a more competent programmer and a passionate opinionated and cherished man who was fiercely proud of Fedora and Red Hat and an achiever on every level.

It's not my place to say any more out of respect to his family simply to point you at the article we just posted at Red Hat.

I will however share the last email I got from Seth, we were actively discussing the lack of transparency in a project not opensourcing code for something important to us and I gently asked him not to feed a troll in his quest for justice and the American way his simple response was so Seth:

"I apologize. I'm sure the internet can offer something to offset the
dearth of righteous indignation you might otherwise have been able to
feast upon."


Well Seth I do feel righteous indignation, that I never got the chance to say thank you. Goodbye Seth - Typing Yum will never be the same again.