Some recommended reading

I spent some time at Summit with the guru that is Matt Hicks. Matt had a packed out talk on SELinux at Summit which had people talking in the corridors afterwards, and I think made a lot of attendees realise that security enablement wasn't a black art but something you ignore by default and that ships free with RHEL so why turn it off ?

Matt also blogs, we're going to attempt a remote podcast in the next few days which I'm really pumped up about. His blog can be found at and I totally recommend you bookmark his RSS feeds and go read his sage guidance. A founder member of the OpenShift team he has been prominent over the last eighteen months in how Red Hat addresses a lot of the issues that are prevalent in building enterprise ready PaaS for critical workload and application management.

I posted a link to Gordon Haff's recent podcast with Matt in a previous article, you can listen to that here as a warm-up to the one I hope we can get recorded this coming week.