The Nuts and Bolts of Open Source

There was a really good article by my old friend Brian Proffitt today on the keynote our CEO Jim Whitehurst gave at this weeks Open Source Business Conference. It's worth a read as it encapsulates exactly what we're having success achieving. Follow the link to the article here.

Matt Asay then delivers his verdict on El Reg here.

Spoiler Alert !

Coincidentally Brian and I are recording a podcast in the near future that I've been trying to get him to get on the end of a Skype call for the last few weeks. Brian gave me my first ever real press reviews for Linuxplanet when we launched SmoothWall as a GPL freely available product many moons ago - you can read it here - almost a full twelve years since it was published. I do encourage you to read it because 1) it's entirely based around Red Hat code 2) if you read the interview we did and manage to get to the end of page 2 you'll cringe when I talk about condoms and firewalls. This was lightyears before press training was the norm.