VMWorld Barcelona

Sore feet, living out of a suitcase must mean another week on the road for Red Hat. I love my job, I get to travel globally and importantly I get to speak to customers and partners and evangelise. It's a passion. So coming to Barcelona for VMWorld I imagined would be so diametrically different to what I've found on the ground.

Taking nothing away from the logistical and organisational teams here VMWorld has confused the hell out of me. I thought it would be like walking into the lions den, far from it. I am used to large productive shows that focus around communicating to end users and community, that take engineering talent and actual coders and massage the whole foodchain and lifecycle of IT process.

This isn't that. It feels like Windows 2000 show at Olympia without the soggy food and the bad weather.

Nowhere near what I thought it was going to be from a attendee experience perspective although the food is great.

Come see us at stand E507, we're a magnet for the smart savvy attendees, you'll see them walking around Barcelona in their multitudes wearing red fedoras. I like to think of us as the single ray of sunshine in the room. Solving real world problems with real world technology not just an alternative.

I recorded this article as a longer podcast - about 6/7 minutes, this isn't a usual podcast and it won't fit into the catalogue it was just me in a hotel room in Barcelona with a microphone pre day three on the ground.

Feel free to download and listen.