With grateful thanks

One of the downsides to living in the West Country in the UK near the beautiful Roman city of Bath is that I do travel a lot on country and minor roads to get anywhere. Usually that means an early start to get the 120 mile trip to London Heathrow or to drive halfway to London to get a train. I see 4am creep up far too often. However, this morning it was made easier when grabbing the iPad I saw the visitor statistics of this blog.

I am obviously hitting a sweet spot and the number of visitors is just way above my predictions at the start of the month when I sat down to commence the first article. So to keep you interested once I have found time amongst my daily Red Hat deliverables and schedule I have podcasts to do battle with to release and am hoping I can make time to beg favours of radio's Ken Rayner to teach me some Audacity tips very soon. It's a brave new world for me so you'll have to forgive me.

Now I have to get a shift on, need to point my Jaguar towards London, got Cloudy stuff to do, I'll be back here shortly with two articles and be warned London, am packing podcast recording gear to do two interviews for this blog today.

Thanks for proving this experiment successful, now all I have to do is keep you all amused and educated, no pressure.