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So I've had an eventful week. It's really not been the greatest to be honest but I'm treating it as an isolated incident of madness and not letting it damage the experiences that I had in Portugal meeting great Red Hat customers, reseller partners and distributors and our great community base. Awful flight home, arrived in at 2am somewhat bedraggled and war weary but grateful to be back in one piece. Thats my travelling over for a week till I get my head round having a knife pulled on me.

More importantly Evento Linux was great - I am truly grateful for the help and support from our amazing PR handlers especially Ana Morais who managed us and our schedules with applomb, the guys at Syone and Caixa Mágica who put together a polished and well attended conference. Jeff Ruby from Red Hat Iberia put a lot of time and effort to get me out there but also to set up meetings and opportunities for me as well as filling me with good food, wine and port.

It was great to hook up with Matt Asay who was up before me when it came to giving our own adlib or slide orientated talks on OSS and Free Software. With my background now almost sixteen years in OSS I wanted to reach out to the 300+ students in the room who are looking to build careers in computing and potentially in Open Source. Also in the room where 150+ startup business and a lot of established core IT / SME businesses who it's essential we reach out to and reach out to in a manner that enthuses and empowers them to understand where new core revenue can come from. Especially around Cloud and virtualisation.

Don't expect to hear me talk slidedecks and product - this isn't that sort of talk. This was to get hearts minds and deliver a message that would impact on the listeners long after they left the auditorium. Judging by the reactions emails and the feedback so far (as well as the smiling happy faces in the room) I think both Matt and I achieved that.

Judge for yourself by having a listen.

More pictures to follow as soon as I get them.

  Download this podcast here in MP3 format or OGG format

So you're wondering what you're going to be doing in the run up to Olympics 2012 / the European Football Championships, the UK Jubilee celebrations, well I have something for you which might act as a panacea for all those developers who like myself were worried about having to down tools to be social in the weeks and months ahead.

If, like me, you want something to play with that will keep you occupied and deliver a sense of achievement whilst reducing your chances of having to attend social gatherings over the next few weeks and the risk of a suntan then I have good news for you. We just made JBoss Developer Studio 5.0 Early Access Beta available for free download.

In all seriousness, we're all about the developer and application in Cloud and we're making these download(s) available to you to demonstrate the power of both our tools and our message.

Beta downloads are available for Windows, Mac and of course Linux. More info available here.

Remember you can also register and download the latest versions of JBoss EAP 6 Beta and empower yourself with lots of Java EE 6 goodness as well. You can find more information on that by visiting this page on RedHat.com.

Now you have no excuse to remotely engage in any other activity outside your IDE for the next couple of months. We're nice like that at Red Hat - tell your friends 🙂