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With the launch of Fedora 19 in the last two weeks we thought it was time to get a podcast out with Fedora team member Peter Robinson. It coincided with the third birthday party of OpenStack which we (Red Hat) co-sponsored at the BlueFin building this last Friday gone. Peter and I met up to do some work together Friday and then retired from the scorching heat of London South Bank to the sane 1960s concrete jungle that is London's National Theatre. It's a great place to chill in the heat but also to record (hint there in case anyones in London and wants somewhere free to record).

We talk Cloud, Fedora 19 ARM goodness, how Fedora is built and we talk about every aspect of FOSS within Fedora. We also pay tribute to Seth Vidal and this podcast is very much in his memory.

Come back next Wednesday for a new show.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only


Fresh, hot off the press a new podcast recorded an hour ago in Brussels, Belgium at FOSDEM, talking to Peter Robinson about Open Hybrid Cloud engineering, CloudForms, OLPC, Fedora and all ARM HPC goodness, IPA, Cloud engineering, SELinux in short two techies getting passionate about all things OSS and Red Hat.

We are at FOSDEM. I feel old. Twelve years ago today I was 28 and giving a keynote at the first OSDEM and doing a Q&A with Jeremy Allison and Richard Stallman here. I'm 40 this week !!

Recording more podcasts here at FOSDEM today and tomorrow - want to be in one come find me at the University now !

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only