Monthly Archives: April 2012


So I've been sat writing a lot of articles recently for press consumption and internally here at Red Hat and there came a time when the concept of getting back into the world of easily published editorial in the form of blogging reared its head once more. I'm not new to blogging, ran a blog for a decade and had a lot of readers and made a lot of friends in the Open Source world to supplement the cadre I've made working in this industry since the mid 1990s.

The call to arms came recently and this blog and my other activities as an evangelist at Red Hat now bring me back to being poised like a coiled snake over a blogging API and this new site is the culmination of a months planning. So welcome, we're going on a journey exploring how the engineering brilliance of the Open Source community and the mentoring and steering of companies such as Red Hat where I am employed help polish and bring to fruition the efforts of thousands of talented voices to help build the wheels, engine and brakes that is the consumable vehicle of Linux and Open Source at its very best.

From my perspective especially being able to demonstrate, with conviction and real world examples where applicable, how we're now moving with speed and with aplomb into Cloud and virtualisation will become a focus here.

From CloudForms, to OpenShift Origin you're going to read about fundamental building bricks of Open Cloud. We'll talk here in blog format and also in downloadable podcasts (which will be available directly here and also from iTunes) to the movers and shakers in Open Cloud and having sometimes the difficult discussions that you won't find anywhere else in the Cloud ecosystem. Topics that affect you as architects, developers and as administrators and IT professionals taking steps in building public, private or hybrid clouds, or just looking at what the implications of Cloud have on you and your workloads.

Bookmark this site or subscribe to my RSS feed. I'll be updating the blog every few days and my Twitter feed (which is also featured on the right hand side of the story pane) will tell you what I'm up to, thinking about as I am working on Cloud activities or opportunities to meet up at various events where I am attending or speaking at.

I welcome feedback, suggestions for stories and also opportunities to open the difficult discussions sometimes that we need to have as part of the adolescence of Cloud emerging as an accepted way of working within business as usual activities in the world of system architecture and the new roles and opportunities that open themselves to us.

Welcome to CloudEvangelist - let's see if we can't have some fun along the way.