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So I'm reading a lot whilst writing slides and content for upcoming talks, whilst also researching some stuff for trips overseas in the next few weeks.

So I thought that it might make sense if I was making use of the site to list some cool articles I'm reading right now that might then make your radar.

Enjoy some light reading - some podcasts and articles lined up for Thursday and Friday to record and get ready for publication.

I recorded a podcast last week with the ultracool talent that is Mr Jon Benedict, CaptainKVM himself.

This was another of my practical theory tests on how to record a podcast with someone on the other side of The Atlantic. The problem of course being not making it sound like a Skype call (which it isn't) and trying also to master it to make sure they sound as local as possible so I can then release it for you guys to listen to.

Jon works for NetApp. NetApp work very closely with Red Hat around KVM and around RHEV, their cool project Flexclone really is something else, read Carlos Alverez's cool paper here for more info.

As well as being NetApps guy in North Carolina on everything virtualisation, Jon also is a board director of oVirt which Red Hat commits so much to. He's also an ex Red Hatter.

In the podcast we talk tech about FlexClone, about oVirt, RHEV and the community and board of oVirt and how much goodness it brings to the whole virtualisation arena.

If you're interested in virtualisation management, provisioning, live staging and all the niceties that you take for granted then this is the podcast for you.

Thanks to Jon for being another guinea pig in the whole Podcast experiment - so far so good, approaching 5250 downloads as I type this story so thats got to be a positive before I even set up an RSS feed or launch on iTunes.

  Download this podcast here in MP3 format or OGG format

John Mark and Richard
I've been really looking forward to recording this podcast. We couldn't quite make time to do it when we were both at Summit recently but we've made up for it this week. With big data the latest hot topic, with GlusterFS making so much headway it was time I recorded this. Storage is the last major building block of Cloud so this became even more critical.

I'm pleased to be able to release this podcast recorded with John Mark Walker, who I work with at Red Hat (he heads up Community at Gluster) but who I've worked with for nearly thirteen years or more at previous roles in the Open Source world. We're both war weary veterans who still get fired up by Linux and Open Source. John Mark is both a friend and a mentor as well as someone who has a "can do" attitude in the Linux community. He has a message and a drive and if you listen to this podcast it will become clear just why he is so passionate about what we do.

The thing that makes this podcast even more special is that we recorded this online five thousand miles apart. I'd played with doing this over audio conference, over Skype, VoIP and other methodologies and all sucked - unusable when I did my testing, certainly not broadcastable.

So thanks to Pulsecaster and Google Hangouts, and a quick mix on Audacity (no Mac here folks) you have a podcast to download that I hope sounds okay and that will both educate and entertain.

We also talk about the November 1st Developer Day in the UK and talk about the whole Open Source community ethos around what we do and what drives us. It's well worth a listen and I encourage you to do so.

  Download this podcast here in MP3 format or OGG format

We're holding (and I'm helping arrange) a Developer Day to be held in London on 1st November provisionally at London South Bank University. Registration will be mandatory and there will be a registration fee but it's minimal and includes cool swag and a great day which promises to be one of the most beneficial to developers from the enterprise and Cloud dev arenas.

More info to follow, John Mark Walker and I are recording a podcast this afternoon where we'll talk more about it and I'll publish a link to a registration page where people can show interest.

As soon as I have more information I will make sure it's out in the public domain.