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I have just released a podcast with interviews with three movers and shakers in our global business units - across the whole spectrum of Red Hat, consulting services, programme business units and our OpenStack dev team.

In this podcast we'll be talking to Malcolm Herbert about how we're engaging with customers and how we're already taking the Red Hat hybrid cloud message to markets consuming RHEL and RHEV. Listen to Matt Hicks talk about OpenShift, lock horns with me talking SE Linux and general goodness around PaaS. We then wind up with an interview recorded in October with Steven Hardy talking HeatAPI and OpenStack.

Thanks for listening in 2012 and come back for a LOT more content in 2013.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only


I've been promising to record and release this quick podcast on my take on our acquisition of ManageIQ. I don't speak for Red Hat on this nor do my views or opinions matter in any way. I look at things from a technology adoption and technology abstraction layer and how it impacts and enhances our abilities in Cloud.

If you're not aware of ManageIQ I'm presuming you've had your head buried in the sand for the last three years.

Needless to say when I found out about ManageIQ becoming part of Red Hat (subject to all the usual shareholder stuf) I was beaming from ear to ear. ManageIQ are an amazing group of people who really understand the granularity of cloud, the flexibility you need to demonstrate when dealing with elastic architecture but the need to get under the hood and deliver. Quite simply they demonstrate maturity in depth and excellence of the highest order when it comes to engineering solutions across heterogeneous cloud platforms and technologies.


Combine that with a virtualisation layer(RHEV/KVM), a storage platform (Gluster - Red Hat Storage), a PaaS platform (OpenShift) and CloudForms and you are effectively delivering an entire orchestration piece that no other vendor, VMWare included, can currently compete with. Seventy two hours on to the minute I am STILL smiling.

Here's my take on it - listen now on iTunes or Stitcher or click the link to the podcast to listen to it in your browser.

Come back in 2013 for more content - and remember I love hearing your feedback and your news. Better stories come out of collaboration. 43,000+ downloads of my podcasts since August (thats nearly 580 man days of listening if you stacked each episode end to end) is flattering but I can do better - with your help.

Happy Christmas from my family to yours. Have a peaceful festive period and thanks for listening to my work and reading my articles during 2012.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only

Don't say I never deliver the goods - here is a podcast talking Red Hat Storage with Tom Llewelyn from Red Hat EMEA who runs the business development side of the business.

Tom is a really good guy, solid and knows his stuff, he brought me back into Red Hat a few years back and he's everything you could want from a consultant and knows the business backwards. If you want someone to explain the value prop or to understand technology impact on your business he's the guy whose door you knock.

Tomorrow I am going to be recording and delivering a podcast on the ManageIQ acquisition and what it means to be part of the most exciting story in Hybrid Cloud as part of Red Hat's technology team.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only

Cliff PerryAs we head into the festive period this is the first of a series of podcasts going live. Cliff Perry is my guest today, we recorded this in Cardiff a few weeks ago and it's well worth a listen.

Consistency of platform and architecture in Cloud is critical and at Red Hat we have built a reputation around Red Hat Satellite and the sponsorship and mentoring of the upstream Spacewalk project. Cliff is the chief cat herder or project manager for both and is passionate about his chosen topic.

Coming Friday another podcast this time talking Red Hat Storage with Tom Llewelyn. Remember we are syndicated now on iTunes, Stitcher Internet Radio and Podfeed so you don't need to download, just subscribe using your client of choice.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only