Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sadly I have to announce that my hetero life mate John-Mark Walker has left Red Hat for pastures new. This pains me because I've known for an age, probably longer than anyone else, that he was leaving and I've had to keep it a secret. It's weird because although he's left Red Hat he and I still carry on as per normal, we've been friends since the term Open Source was coined through the mists and time of companies no longer trading or long since committed to the history of Linux. We've seen it all. I'm three weeks and two days older, two inches taller and can't get away with wearing Salmon Pink jackets like my buddy John Mark.

We've presented radio shows together, trying not to cry with laughter, I've censored him more times than I care to think about, drunk too much beer, visited countries and broken bread with the man so many times. Will I miss him ? Nah. I'll still see him at events, I'll still talk with him almost daily and he's part of my life for the long haul.

I will miss him at Red Hat. Such a shame he was never harnessed properly.

Until then here is a short outtake of a video we shot over two years ago now at a hotel in London. We'd just sat and watched my football team get beaten at Wembley (from a bar in London) and we'd eaten food, drunk beer and then and only then rolled the camera.

Here's John-Mark and I on top form.