I am guest speaker at the Bath Area CyberSecurity Cluster being held in Corsham this week (tomorrow). You can book tickets via Eventbrite. Kicks off 1600hr so if you're coming I will see you there and try not to bore you into a coma. My topic of choice is Insider Threat. Not selling product, educating the masses and doing a favour for the maestro that is Andy Cuff.

More details

Heading back to The Moscone Center in San Francisco in just over ten days to record a series of radio shows with some of the leading lights in the security industry. Thanks to Emily and Julie in the Press and PR office at RSA for laying the groundworks.

I will be posting a feed location and other information on each episode here and on Twitter.

Planning 12 shows but we will see what we can get.

So it's the festive season that has crept up on us already. Seasons Greetings folks !

Now an apology

The last five months for me have been a blur. I've been locked away writing a new portal thats launching at Red Hat in the New Year as well as working hard on the ever growing Cloud portfolio at Red Hat.

The blog has suffered because I've been more or less writing for a living and not having a single moment to myself to concentrate on getting new editorial out there. Also with the new Red Hat Cloud blog going live so soon I wasn't sure as to whether I'd kill this and just concentrate on stuff. However its now obvious that with everything I commercially write having to go past a team of fedora wearing legal eagles that to drop this conduit to the public would be stupid. Here I can post pretty much whatever I decide to within reason as I own the domain and the service.

So some new stuff thats coming up. In the New Year we launch a new portal - HombresInHats.com which is live now with a holding page and that will be featuring a cadre of some of the best talent at Red Hat, John Mark Walker, Thomas Cameron, James Kirkland, Jon Masters, Bill Bauman, Jon Benedict, Dave Neary, Rhys Oxenham, I'll be writing and broadcasting from there too. We could and should have gone live this quarter but if you hadn't noticed Red Hat had a HUGE quarter just published, continuing our steady and reliable market growth. With Cloud and non RHEL revenues now growing double digits year on year you can understand why we haven't had time to record stuff in our own spare time.

Also, I am relaunching The CloudEvangelist Radio Show thats sat dormant since June 12th. I've recorded two shows already and I'm doing a third between now and New Year with two special guests. Expect that content to go out over Christmas vacation period now I have downtime to concentrate. It will be available on Stitcher, Podfeed, iTunes and all the usual locations so watch for the launch post with links to those locations and the NEW RSS feed. The old RSS feed is dead dead dead - please delete it and add the new location when I announce it.

Other stuff. I am in talks to write a book with a legal eagle here in the UK aimed at the CIO talking about cloud law, intellectual property, cloud security and basic stuff to keep folk out of jail.

FOSDEM comes up 30th January in Belgium. I will be attending with the Red Hat crew so if you're coming out come appear on the radio show I will be recording for a fourth successive year.

So for now, from the family here at Red Hat, my family here in the South West of the UK, I raise a glass to your good health, thanks for staying the distance and look out for the radio stuff I release in the next few days.



Yesterday I was at London Ceph Days, an event co hosted by Red Hat and Dell talking the latest Ceph goodness. Great venue near Barbican, well attended but for those who couldn't make it or geographically seperated by distance I thought I'd take a mini studio of HD video cam, and some small studio lights and do a recording with Russ Turk VP of Community at Inktank, now a Red Hat company.

Always a pleasure to talk with Russ, we have a mutual employment history going back a long time and he's genuinely passionate about storage, cloud and the open source movement that we've spent so long working to prosper.

Here's the video. It will scale up to 720 and 1080p if you change your viewing options accordingly.