Podcast – Mark McLoughlin talks OpenStack

markmSo last night I released a podcast that got a terrific number of downloads with Robyn Bergeron of Fedora and tonight I bring you one of the other podcasts I recorded recently at FOSDEM with Mark McLoughlin of Red Hat, who apart from being a seriously talented software engineer was also recently elected onto the Foundation Board of OpenStack. Terrific guy, passionate about Cloud, passionate about his team at Red Hat and very clued up.

Now we'd been trying to record this recently but diaries hadn't synced and if you get a chance to record with Mark you take it. However, the Gods were against us everytime I hit record on my rig at FOSDEM. We were given what I can only describe as a bunker to record in, a room with no windows, with broken furniture, geriatric Red Cross volunteers positioned there to deal with dehydrated and broken geeks who had over done the Belgian beer intake the night before.

They didn't respect we were recording and we had to cope with foil wrapped geeks, in fact the last podcast I managed to record was interupted by a very sick and ill Python developer being vocal into a bucket six feet from where I was recording. Not ideal. Next year I hope they can cater for us a LOT better. Seriously less than impressed.

The recording we did with Mark I knew from the minute I pressed record was going to be testing. I've tried to clean it up digitally to get rid of first aid traffic noise and echo and am still not happy with the quality by any degree. However Mark and I wanted to get it out to you and the consensus is that it's good to go.

Come back soon for some far better sounding audio !

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only