Some news

Earlier this year I parked the Cloud Evangelist podcast after almost 100 shows in its own right and another 28 at Red Hat Summits in 2013 and 2014. It was never my decision to close it down and as it was independently owned, produced, funded and mastered/syndicated it wasn't a call I was remotely happy with but accepted. The 12th of June saw the last show before I parked the series.

Well the news today is that I've been officially greenlit to restart the show and I will be working out how thats going to happen in the next week or two. Right now I am on a family vacation with my wife and kids and enjoying downtime avoiding the melee and noise of OpenStack Summit in Paris out of choice.

My role at Red Hat has changed now to be across all Red Hat technologies as well as Cloud (with a focus on Open Hybrid Cloud still) and therefore I can now properly highlight the achievements and concentrating on all parts of our stack, customer engagements, industry partners, security and emerging new projects that people want to hear about.

WHEN I have worked out what that editorial agenda looks like and agreed it upstream with the talented folk in our team I will start producing new shows.

Where can I find it ?

The show has a new RSS since June where you can find ALL the old parked shows. The Stitcher feed will remain the same. I will provide connectivity details when new content goes live at launch time. More news to follow as I have it.