His Masters Voice

Ever looked at that logo for the His Masters Voice - the dog and the phonograph and thought how cool ? I always hated it, there was a reason, I overdosed on it as a child. It was painted by a guy called Francis Barraud who I am related to. I'm blessed with having had two painters in my distant bloodline, both Royal Academy artists. Several logos including Colmans Mustard and Kiwi Cherry boot polish both originated from members of my family who no doubt died penniless having never realised their potential in the first two decades of the twentieth century.

The reason I bring up the HMV dog and gramaphone analogy is that I work in a team led by one of the most technically gifted people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, Bryan Che, and tonight whilst I was playing catch up with articles written while I was on leave I happened to read my RSS feeds, noticing Bryan had posted a new article on Cloud.

It's a doozie. If you don't go read it you're going to kick yourself - seriously, I mean it, follow the link below.

The 2nd Tenet of Evaluating Cloud Products, You Have to Know What Problems You Want to Solve

I have to up my game, articles like this make me just want to go listen to some Cloud podcasts and firm up the next few articles I want to get out to you. Go read the article !