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After the first third of the German championship, the teams got settled rather tightly in the standings. However, Bayern is still the obvious favorite. Start make bets on 1xBet bookmaker to predict whether Flick's players will be able to defend their title. The team from Munich started the new season quite confidently. It got more and more astonishing victories. It’s true that meetings with their direct competitors like Borussia or Leipzig have always been a bitter struggle. However, it is Bayern that is at the head of the tournament table. You can make bets on the 1xBet bookmaker website or app and earn. Bayern is definitely the favorite of every meeting, but even recognized leaders can have problems. Therefore, the competitors will surely still have chances to approach the Munich club. However, given the margin of safety, as well as the classier composition of the club from Munich, we have to admit that it is Bayern that will be a key contender for the title once again. You will find many games featuring Team Flick in the section Just to click on the event that interests you, and the system will show all the variety of available meetings.

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The leadership of the Munich club in the standings is nothing unexpected. The team took the treble last year, which is the best proof of how much stronger it is than its competitors in the domestic and international arenas. You can always find options for betting on matches with its participation in the section So, these are the most obvious strengths of Bayern:

  1. Great line-up with good teamwork. It is quite obvious that none of the German competitors has such a selection of players.
  2. Individual skills of leading players. Lewandowski is in great shape and is aiming for the Golden Boot. Müller, Neuer, Gnabry and Coman are also good. The team is active, and this is evident in almost every meeting.
  3. A lot of reserve. Even injuries or illnesses of leading players aren’t a problem, since there is always someone to replace them.
Given all of this, it is safe to say that in the long run, Bayern is the most obvious contender for gold. However, the season is quite long, and there can always be a sensation in the world of football. So, follow the development of the tournament on the website of this trusted bookmaker and make the most profitable bets. To do this, you just need to create an account on the site of a popular bookmaker 1xBet.

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