Coming your way soon…

I have a week away from the office to get some medical treatment for an operation I had in the New Year and to try to get some R&R in before a busy June and July kicks in. That doesn't mean I'm not going to be posting, I have a number of articles committed in my write queue, and I'm also going to promise to start reading my Audacity and Garageband 11 books to work out how to mix these podcasts down. Audio mixing and production is something I have zero experience of and my day job has got in the way of me getting these out. I have a list of new podcasts also to get recorded in the next month too which should be fun.

So what have we coming up for June on ?

There is going to be a deep dive with the OpenShift guys in a couple of weeks and a number of interviews with folk involved with hands on IaaS goodness in the form of the soon to be released CloudForms. There are some great Cloud security articles coming up and there will also be a piece on agility in CloudDev and exploring the whole ITOps / DevOps piece in Cloud which is often misunderstood / overlooked.

The podcasts will be live so you can download or subscribe to the feed to hear what I hope will be an easier to digest CloudEvangelist experience taking this to new consumers.

I'm attending a number of events and also travelling in Germany, Switzerland maybe Austria (around Linz) and then shooting over to Boston for Red Hat Summit so I hope to get a microphone in front of some people who I hope contribute to a good listening experience.

So if I can get June to be as article packed as May - with media content to boot - then I think we'll be doing okay. Thanks for reading, I welcome your emails and please remember to Twitter links to any articles you find useful.