Gordon Haff’s new Cloud book – Computing Next

Sat on my desk in front of me delivered earlier this week from Amazon's online ordering (and printing platform) is Gordon Haff's new book Computing Next which was published last week globally.

Gordon is my opposite number in the US at Red Hat and we recently spent time together in London and in Belgium and I always enjoy his company both as a friend and as a technologist with a grasp of the drivers of modern computing consumption. A talented writer, podcaster and analyst he has delivered a thought provoking publication that should be on the radar of every manager involved with the acquisition or provisioning of virtualisation and cloud. Especially where that involves any degree of outsourcing. It features a lot of context editorial designed to start conversations and cleverly dovetails in thought provoking interviews with industry leaders and those involved in Cloud Computing (theres a three page reproduced interview with me in there as well).

Gordon has put together a video piece talking about the book which you can see, also I like the fact that Gordon categorically proves here that Steve Jobs isn't the only techical guru who can carry off a polo neck.

I have personally bought a number of these out my own pocket and will be giving one away in an upcoming podcast in a competition so watch out for that.

Available now in print format from Amazon.com and Amazon regionally, as well as in eBook format for Kindle it's well worth reading and compared to a lot of the other cloud books I've purchased and read cover to cover it actually delivers to the layman.