Leading from the frontline in Cloud & Tech

I read with interest a story today on CNN on CEO's that had served in the military and the massive influence that leadership of men and women in armed forces and the discipline and shaping of how being in service had enabled them to lead. I have zero doubt being personally influenced by the same doctrines that theres a lot of truth there and I recently spent two years working hand in hand with battlespace systems and with joint forces in theatre.

What was a bit amiss was to forget that Red Hat, this disruptive force in technology who have reshaped how technology is consumed and how we build the next web 2.0 / cloud centric vehicle that provides the backbone to this new elastic computing phenomenon with surety and confidence. One of the things about Red Hat is it goes out and gets the right people, from the back office to the dev teams, from the consultants who make a difference every day they're engaged with customers to the support people who make up the backbone of our reputation. Thats the same in every aspect of our organisation, no less than the boardroom where you'll find General Henry Hugh Shelton, our Chairman, a two tour of duty Vietnam veteran with the 5th Special Forces Group and 173rd Airborne Brigade, Commander in Chief of US Special Operations Staff (SOCOM) and then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1997-2001.

Theres a reason the board of Red Hat get the best out of the people in their charge and work with such a determination when you have a Chairman that instills a sense of pride in what you do and expects the best out of you as a person.

CNN didn't mention us today - a  bit amiss. I won't make this mistake hence this posting.