Up into the Clouds – literally

In mid-late June we are going to be making CloudEvangelist a lot more "sticky" to get even more traction and awareness of the mission. So tongue in cheek if you think Jake and Ellwood Blues were on a mission, that RMS and Jon Maddog Hall have taken their respective evangelism of Free Software and Linux respectively to the masses then it's time for CloudEvangelist to get in it's pulpit. We've even consulted with people in the Church of England at Bishop level to ensure that we don't get into trouble and we've skirted around political incorrectness to make sure that we're not offending anyone but we're playing with ideas right now.

I have commissioned Karl Whiteley the respected illustrator to play around with my ideas and to work on some angles that will see a new branding and artwork theme appear here and also on the soon to be launched iTunes store. The artwork above is one of Karl's and you can see more of his work on his website. He also has a Flickr photostream. Karl has a great style with his pen and has taken on board the remit and the tongue in cheek nature of what I'm trying to get out there. To make this site as portable and as fun as possible but also not to detract away from my mission of Open Cloud evangelism.

We'll publish the rough artwork when we've approved it and you'll see changes appear at some point in the next three to four weeks that will push and promote why this blog is central to evangelising about all that is good about Open Cloud.