The world is genuinely a small place

In the 1980s I grew up quite a dorky quiet kid interested in emerging computer technology and music, drama and generally surrounded myself with a small group of like minds. Then add in going to an all boys selective grammar school in a coastal seaside town you have a recipe that will go one of two ways. Either prison for embezzlement or trying to cut a career ahead of your peers to achieve something different. I went the latter route although there is still plenty of time ahead to do the former.

Today I was reading Twitter when I saw re-tweeted a link to a book on cybersecurity. So I follow the link through to Amazon to check it out when I noticed the authors name. The distinctive name belonging to a guy who I went to drama club as a kid and to the same all boys grammar school with as well as having spent a fair bit of time hanging out together when I was in my early teens. Both around the start of personal computing and both with the same sense of humour with a very tolerant mother. Turns out he's not just written one but a whole ruddy series of books on the mysteries and vagaries of cybersecurity.

It's hugely satisfying to me to see how my friends have turned out in life. It's also great when I see them publishing works that can be of influence in the security world, a world I've given myself to for nearly twenty years.

So stand by your beds, at some point you can hear all about the books and about the man himself. For now you can go visit his Amazon page and see the books and order some !!