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Since the launch of the Technology Preview Red Hat OpenStack release a couple of months back a lot of people have acted surprised that Red Hat is actually the third largest contributor to OpenStack on a commit basis. We are 10000% committed to the success of OpenStack and some of our key developers are pushing key stable sources into the project.

One of these newer projects is HeatAPI which allows a lot of Amazon Web Services integration especially in the upcoming Fulsom release.

For a few months Steven Hardy and I have tried to find time in our schedules to record something and yesterday we managed to record a really good podcast that will appeal to all OpenStack developers.

Steven is also speaking at the London Developer Day (see my previous article) and we discuss this in the podcast.

Download the podcast here in MP3 and OGG formats

Today I am releasing part two of a podcast I recorded with Rhys Oxenham last week. In this second installment of a podcast thats proved very popular Rhys will be talking about CloudForms, some of the realworld engineering stuff we've been working on with partners etc.

Rhys talks about how CloudForms solves some of the end to end problems of Cloud provisioning and platform management. For you guys looking at the newly released Red Hat OpenStack Preview this could be really important for you to listen to.

I am recording two new podcasts today with Jon Masters and Duncan Doyle, Jon I've known for nearly twelve years and is a leading light in the ARM porting world and a longtime Red Hat stalwart. He recently gave one of the best attended and best appreciated Summit talks in Boston. Duncan and I share a common love of everything JBoss so both should be a lot of fun and I'll bring them to you asap.

  Download part two here in MP3 format or OGG format