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I keep being asked "how do I get involved with what you're recording and putting out on your podcast ?". Well the simple answer is you have to be brave enough to stand in front of a field recorder in the bowels of The Moscone and talk to me. I'm recording all day today and Wednesday and there are still slots free.

Remember I AM a journalist so you have to treat me as such when we talk, this stuff goes public fast so think about what you're going to say and enjoy the ride.

Usual caveats apply. This podcast is meant for entertainment purposes only. Your mileage may vary. Do not try this at home. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle, heavy equipment or when configuring an OpenStack architecture. Podcasts may be too intense for some listeners and children under 30 years of age. Please remain seated until the podcast has come to a complete stop. Studies have shown regular exposure to these podcasts causes increased weight gain. I am not a professional, I have no training, I'm not even particularly good at horse whispering. Don't believe everything that you know. Please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. Do not tap on glass. Do not eat anything that has been on the floor for more than 3 days. Keep your hands to yourself. Not to be taken internally etc etc.

I recorded and released a show with the legend that is Josh Bressers from Red Hat and that recording is out now, click below to listen or goto iTunes, Player.FM or Stitcher (links in story below).