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Since the launch of the Technology Preview Red Hat OpenStack release a couple of months back a lot of people have acted surprised that Red Hat is actually the third largest contributor to OpenStack on a commit basis. We are 10000% committed to the success of OpenStack and some of our key developers are pushing key stable sources into the project.

One of these newer projects is HeatAPI which allows a lot of Amazon Web Services integration especially in the upcoming Fulsom release.

For a few months Steven Hardy and I have tried to find time in our schedules to record something and yesterday we managed to record a really good podcast that will appeal to all OpenStack developers.

Steven is also speaking at the London Developer Day (see my previous article) and we discuss this in the podcast.

Download the podcast here in MP3 and OGG formats

Exclusive: This doesn't appear in any of our back catalogue - recorded live with Lyndon and John Mark remotely between Bath in the UK and Westford MA offices of Red Hat - A podcast especially for London Developer Day 2012

London Developer Day is at London South Bank University next week 1st November, am really pumped about it. As of now I am able to offer readers of CloudEvangelist.org a discount of 20% on the cost, there is food laid on, goodies for attendees and you get to hear a lot of the best talent from Gluster, OpenShift, OpenStack (Steven Hardy talking HeatAPI - watch for the podcast we recorded later today when I release it).

IF you are an academic student and you want to attend and you're in full time education I can offer you unique discount of up to 80% on the entrance price. To put that into context thats two pints of beer and a packet of pork scratchings to be fed get Red Hat goodies, get clothed and change or influence your future career talking to the top developers at Red Hat.

So get down to Eventbrite to register - use the discount code RedHat20 under promo codes. If you're in education please contact me and I'll get you an even bigger discount !!

Need more convincing then listen to the podcast that John Mark Walker, Langdon White and myself recorded last night - it's funny but also very informative talking storage, RHEL development, VMWare, beer and of course urging you to attend London Developer Day.

You can now register your interest to attend the London Developer Day at London South Bank University that I talked about earlier this month, follow this link to the interest registration page and you will be contacted when the site goes live later this week.

It's promising already to have some of the leading lights in the Dev Space attending and it will be hugely beneficial to anyone looking into Cloud technologies, including OpenShift, JBoss, Gluster, OpenStack and RHEV / KVM virtualisation arenas.

Watch this space for more information !!