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I drove the 200+ mile round trip yesterday to our Farnborough offices for some meetings and to finalise a Cloud Security Webinar that we are doing globally tomorrow (read more about this later). Whilst there I met up with Jeremy Brown one of the shining lights of Red Hat EMEA. I have been really eager to get a microphone in front of him for weeks so this was an ideal opportunity to record a podcast.

Jeremy will be talking about JBoss, OpenShift and the cool things that we're working on in the UK as well as the latest and greatest releases from the JBoss release team. The challenges enterprises and corporates face and also everything PaaS.

To click through to the links we're going to be talking about in the PodCast you can access OpenShift's portal here and learn more and sign up for a free account and get running right now !

I mention instructions on getting OpenShift up and running using libvirt instead of Virtualbox - written by Daniel Berrange they are online to help you get up and going fast

  Download the podcast in MP3 format or OGG format

I often get involved in resourcing the best candidates we can get for Red Hat. The cream of the crop get interviewed for available roles in our practices globally and we've built a reputation for trying our hardest to ensure we get the best people. Two colleagues who are both happily employed in different areas of virtualisation and Cloud have something in common with a lot of us in the tech world in that we're all approached on a regular basis by headhunters and recruitment consultants aiming to pry us away from our happy homes to pastures new. This led me this morning on the back of a conversation to do some homework looking at 65 Cloud specific roles advertised on three major job portals.

There are very few good recruiters out there that properly earn their commission, they do exist and they are worth their weight in gold and they know who they are. Many companies also now have talent management staff who also are an incredibly useful buffer. The rest of the market is seemingly populated by sales people who see recruitment no differently to, for example, telemarketing or selling photocopiers.

So looking at skillsets required in advertised roles it was a scary realisation that actually we are in a position where those with Open Source and Linux skills are far far more in demand than those in Windows / Azure / VMWare technology arenas. In 65 adverts I looked at 49 were predominantly Linux skillset based. Out of that 49, 16 also mentioned VMWare. The remaining 16 adverts were VMWare / Azure  roles.

It just goes to show that the sensible money is on Open Cloud, not proprietary. So if you're thinking of a career change and you want to understand how you move forward in a new career or reskill to keep your resume current you know what you have to do.

Red Hat Training in every territory worldwide can help you with this - check out your nearest training centre here.

So you're wondering what you're going to be doing in the run up to Olympics 2012 / the European Football Championships, the UK Jubilee celebrations, well I have something for you which might act as a panacea for all those developers who like myself were worried about having to down tools to be social in the weeks and months ahead.

If, like me, you want something to play with that will keep you occupied and deliver a sense of achievement whilst reducing your chances of having to attend social gatherings over the next few weeks and the risk of a suntan then I have good news for you. We just made JBoss Developer Studio 5.0 Early Access Beta available for free download.

In all seriousness, we're all about the developer and application in Cloud and we're making these download(s) available to you to demonstrate the power of both our tools and our message.

Beta downloads are available for Windows, Mac and of course Linux. More info available here.

Remember you can also register and download the latest versions of JBoss EAP 6 Beta and empower yourself with lots of Java EE 6 goodness as well. You can find more information on that by visiting this page on RedHat.com.

Now you have no excuse to remotely engage in any other activity outside your IDE for the next couple of months. We're nice like that at Red Hat - tell your friends 🙂